New Holland 8670 8770 8870 8970 Operators Manual Tractor 86588682 manuals in PDF


Factory Operators Manual For New Holland 8670, 8770, 8870, 8970 Tractor. Manual for owners and operators. It contains important information and instructions for maintenance description of the functions and capabilities of the system. Description of possible faults / problems and their solution.

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Factory Operators Manual For New Holland 8670, 8770, 8870, 8970 Tractor. Manual for owners and operators. It contains important information and instructions for maintenance description of the functions and capabilities of the system. Description of possible faults / problems and their solution.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 312
Number: 86588682
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New Holland Tractor


Serial #D420957 and above


Adapting Ballast To Work Load And Ground Speed
Adding Diesel Fuel
Adjustable Pressurizer Vents
Adjusting Drawbar Length
Adjusting Rear Wheels
Air Conditioner Activation Switch
Air Conditioning Operation
Attaching And Detaching Trailed Equipment
Attaching Equipment To The Pto Shaft
Attaching 3-Point Equipment
Audible Alarm
Auto Shift
Automatic Display Information
Automatic Engine Shutdown
Auxiliary Connector, Seven Pin
Auxiliary Connector, Single Pin
Auxiliary Connector, Three Pin
Auxiliary Control Mounting Locations
Auxiliary Control Cable Routing
Ballast Limitations
Ballast, Selecting
Ballasting And Tires
Ballasting Front End For Transport
Ballasting Four Wheel Drive Tractors
Ballasting, Points To Remember
Ballasting Two Wheel Drive Tractors
Bar Graph Displays
Battery Cover
Before Operating
Bleeding Remote Cylinders
Brakes Specifications
Brake Locking Plate
Breaking-In Procedure
Cab Identification
Cancel Flashing Service Indicator
Central Display (Lcd)
Changing The Pto Output Shaft
Check Wheel Slippage
Cigar Lighter
Cleaning Fault Codes
Cleaning The Cab Interior
Closing The Hood
Cold Start Aid Switch
Cold Weather Starting
Connecting Double-Acting Cylinders
Connecting Single-Acting Cylinders
Control And Instruments, Overview
Control Levers
Cooling System Specifications
Creeper Gears
Creeper Switch
Delivery Reports
Determining Maximum Front Ballast
Determining 3-Point Hitch Mode Of Operation Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel Selection Chart
Differential Lock
Differential Lock, Engaging And Disengaging Differential Lock Switch
Digital Display
Disconnecting The Negative Battery Cable Doors
Draft Control Operation
Drawbar Height Adjustment
Drawbar Length
Drawbar Specifications
Drawbar-Towing Attachments
Driving The Tractor
Drop Rate Control Knob
Dual Rear Wheels
Eic Lighting Display
Eic Tractor Performance Monitor (Tpm)
Electronic Instrument Cluster
Electrical Specifications
Eliminating Ballast Requirements
Emergency Stopping And Parking Brake
Engine Access Doors
Engine Access Door, Left Side
Engine Access Door, Right Side
Engine Block Heater
Engine Hood
Engine Identification
Engine Lubricant
Engine Shutdown Override
Engine Specifications
Engine Speed-Digital Display
Entering The Cab
Exiting The Set Up Mode
External 3-Point Hitch Controls
Fan Shields, Left Side
Fan Shields, Right Side
Fast Raise/Work Switch
Fault Codes
Fault Codes On/Off
Field Operation
Flexible Link Ends
Flexible Maintenance Intervals
First 50-Hour Service
Flow Control Adjustment
Foot/Floor Controls
Foot Brakes
Foot Brake Pedals
Foot Throttle
Forward Operator Controls
Four Wheel Drive (Fwd)
Four Wheel Drive (Fwd), Engaging And Disengaging
Four Wheel Drive (Fwd) Front Axle Identification
Four Wheel Drive (Fwd) Front Axle Track Spacing
Four Wheel Drive Operating Precautions
Four Wheel Drive Steering Stops
Four Wheel Drive (Fwd) Switch
Four Wheel Drive Tire Combinations
Four Wheel Drive Track Adjustment
Front Tires – Liquid Weight
Front Weights – Cast Iron
Front Wheel Positions
Front Wheel Track Spacing
Front/Rear Lights
Front Wheel Position (2Wd)
Front Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch
Fuel Requirements
Fuel Storage
Fuel System Specifications
Fueling The Tractor
Fuse Replacement
General Dimensions
General Information
Ground Speed Charts
Guide Blocks, Spacers And Shims
Hand Throttle Control Lever
Hardware Torque Values
Hauling The Tractor On A Transporter
Hazard Warning Light Switch
Hazard Warning Lights
Headlight Flash
Headlights High/Low Beams
Heater Operation
Height Limit Control Knob
Hitch Pin
Hydraulic Motor Application
Hydraulic Oil Sump Heater
Hydraulic Systems Introduction
Hydraulic System Specifications
Implement To Cab Clearance
Inch Hardware And Locknuts
Inching Pedal
Indicator Warning Lamps And Audible Alarm Installing Cast Iron Weights
Installing Front Weights
Interior Lights
Interior Rearview Mirror
Key Start/Stop Switch
Lift Control Lever
Lift Rods
Light And Accessory Power Points
Lights, Control Console Illumination
Linkage Category Conversion
Low Pressure Return Circuit
Lower Link Float
Lubrication And Maintenance
Lubrication And Maintenance Chart
Lubrication And Maintenance, As Required
Lubrication And Maintenance, Every 10 Hours Or Daily
Lubrication And Maintenance, Every 50 Hours
Lubrication And Maintenance, Every 300 Hours
Lubrication And Maintenance, Every 600 Hours
Lubrication And Maintenance, Every 900 Hours Or 12 Months
Lubrication And Maintenance, Every 1200 Hours Or 12 Months
Lubrication And Maintenance, Every 2400 Hours Or 24 Months
Lubrication And Maintenance, General Maintenance
Main Distribution Panel
Master Light Switch
Maximum Tractor Operating Angel
Mega Flow Tractor
Metric Hardware And Locknuts
Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
Modes Of Operation
Multi-Function Switch
Oil Change Intervals
Opening The Access Doors
Opening The Hood
Operating Continuous Flow
Hydraulic Equipment
Operating Remote Equipment Simultaneously
Operating The Engine
Operator Prompt
Operator Calibration
Operator’S Manual Holder
Operator’S Seat
Overhead Controls
Panel Dim Control
Parking Brake
Position/Draft Sensitivity Control Knobs
Powershift Transmission Control Lever With Neutral Lock
Power Take-Off (PTO) Independent
Power Take-Off Specifications
Precautionary Statements
Pre-Operation Checks
Preparation For Tractor Storage
Preparing The Tractor For Use After Storage
Preparing To Start The Tractor
Pressurizer Fan Speed Switch
Pressurizer Operation
Pressurizer Vents
Programming Reverse Gear Ratios
Programming The Up/Down Shift
Programmable Up Shift-Down Shift
Protecting The Electronic/Electrical Systems During Charging Or Welding
Protective Shielding
PTO Engagement Switch
PTO Master Shield
PTO Operation
PTO Status Light
Publications Order Form
Quick Couplers
Quick Hitch
Rear Axle Identification
Rear Tire Weighting
Rear Wheel Cast Iron Rear Wheel Weights
Rear Wheel Track Adjustment
Rear Wheel Track Spacing
Rear Window
Rear Window Wiper/Washer Switch
Remote Control Valves
Remote Hydraulic Valve Control Levers
Removing Equipment
Removing Shields
Removing The Access Doors
Removing The Battery Cover
Replace Headlight Assembly Bulbs
Replace Work Sealed Beam Units
Right Hand Console
Right Side Console Controls
Right Side Console Position
Right Side Window
Road Speeds
Rotary Beacon
Rotary Beacon Switch
Rotary Lockout Gates
Rotary Lock Gates
Safety Decals
Seat Adjustments
Seat Belt
Selectable Displays
Selectable Display Information
Service Engine Air Cleaner
Service Reports
Shield Locations
Shuttle Operations
Slip Limit Control Knob
Speed Matching
Standard Flow Tractors
Starter Solenoid Shield
Starting The Engine And Moving Forward
Starting The Engine And Moving In Reverse
Starting The Engine In Warm Weather Or When Engine Is Hot
Starting The Tractor With Jumper Cables
Steering Column Telescopic Adjustment Control Knob
Steering Column Tilt Control Lever
Steering Specifications
Steering Wheel And Column
Stopping The Engine
Sway Blocks
Swinging Drawbar
Temperature Control Switch
Three-Point Lift
3-Point Hitch Controls
3-Point Hitch Fast Raise/Work Switch
3-Point Hitch Float
3-Point Hitch Height Limit Control
3-Point Hitch Lift Control
3-Point Hitch Linkage
3-Point Hitch Position/Draft Control
3-Point Hitch Rate Of Drop Control
3-Point Hitch Slip Control
3-Point Hitch Status Light
Tire Pressures And Permissible Loads
Tire Pressures And Permissible Loads Charts
Tires And Ballasting
Top Link
Towing The Tractor
Tractor Identification
Tractor Identification Data
Tractor Identification Plate
Tractor Master PTO Shield
Tractor PTO Stub Shaft Cover
Tractor Hauling
Tractor Towing
Transmission Auto Shift Switch
Transmission Gear Shift Position Display
Transmission Identification
Transmission Programming
Transmission Specifications
Transmission Up/Down Shift Switch
Troubleshooting And Fault Finding
Troubleshooting, Brakes
Troubleshooting, Cab
Troubleshooting, Electrical System
Troubleshooting, Engine
Troubleshooting, Hydraulic System
Troubleshooting, 3-Point Hitch
Troubleshooting, Transmission
Turn Signals
2Wd Axle Adjustment
2Wd Front Axle Track Spacing
2Wd Front Wheel Track Spacing
2Wd Front Wheel Toe-In
Ultra-Command Powershift Transmission
Universal Symbols
Warning Lamp
Weight Specifications
Wheel Toe-In (Fwd)
Wide Swinging Roller Drawbar
Windshield Wiper/Washer, Front/Rear
Work Lights

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