Zetor Utilix HT45 HT55 Operators Manual Tractor manuals in PDF


Factory Operators Manual For Zetor Tractor. Manual For Owners And Operators. It Contains Important Information And Instructions For Maintenance Description Of The Functions And Capabilities Of The System. Description Of Possible Faults / Problems And Their Solution.

Photo 7 - Zetor Utilix HT45 HT55 Operators Manual Tractor
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Factory Operators Manual For Zetor Tractor. Manual For Owners And Operators. It Contains Important Information And Instructions For Maintenance Description Of The Functions And Capabilities Of The System. Description Of Possible Faults / Problems And Their Solution.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Quantity of Manuals: 2
Pages: 154; 138
Number: 222.213.529 (february 2019); 222.213.428 (january 2018)
Wiring Diagrams


Zetor Tractor
Utilix 45
Utilix 55


Warranty of the product
Tractor An Introduction
ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structures)
Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS)
Use Of The Tractor With The ROPS Lowered Can Cause Fatal Injuries
Damage Of The ROPS
How To Adjust The Seat
For Sliding Seat
Seat Suspension Adjustment Knob
Cushion Strength Adjustment
Introduction To Safety Information
Signal Words
Introduction To Safety Instructions Introduction To Safety Instructions
Protection Children
Use Of ROPS And Seat Belt
Precaution To Avoid Tipping
Safe Parking Of The Tractor
Keep Riders Off Tractor
Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Stay Clear Of Rotating Shafts
Always Use Safety Lights And Devices
Practice Safe Maintenance
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Prevent Battery Explosions
Prevent Acid Bums
Service Tractor Safely
Work In Ventilated Area
Tractor Runaway
Safety Starter Switch
Emergency Exits
Safety Precautions When Using The Loader
Towing Safely
Falling Object Protective Structure (Fops)
Operator Protective Structure (Ops)
Use Of Hazardous Substances
Safety Tips During Maintenance
Mounting And Demounting Implements
The Following Precautions Are Suggested To Help Prevent Accidents
Do’S-For Better Performance
Don’Ts – For Safe Operation
General Safety Information
Decals On The Dash Cover
Decals On The Chassis
Decals On The Cabin
Description Of Tractor Controls
Battery Disconnector
Instrument And Switches
Main Switch (Key Switch)
Headlights, Turn Signal Lights, Beacon And Hom Switch
Hour Meter
Fuel Gauge And Water Temperature Gauge
Hazard Warning Signal Switch
Warning Lights
Independent PTO
PTO Shaft Revolutions 540 And 1000 Rpm Shifting Lever
Connecting And Disconnecting Implement
Cruise Control Button
Cruise Speed Control Switch
Load Sensing Button
Mode (Sensitivity) Switch
Tractor Controls
Hand Throttle (Throttle Lever)
Speed And Direction Control Pedals
Foot Brakes
Parking Brake Lever
To Avoid Personal Injury
Air Brakes Of Trailers And Semi-Trailers
Air Pressure Indication
The Button For Temporary Deactivation Of Brakes Of The Trailer Or Semi-Trailer
One-Hose And Two-Hose Brakes
One-Hose Brakes
Two-Hose Brakes
Sub Gear Lever (Linear Shift Lever)
Diff-Lock Pedal
Front Axle Drive Lever
Driver’S Seat
Tilt Lever
Operating The Hydraulics
Position Control
Lowering Speed Control Knob For The 3 Point Hitch
Outer Hydraulic Circuit
Outer Hydraulic Circuit Controls
Remote Hydraulic Control Valve Coupler Connecting And Disconnecting
Joystick Lever
Safety Implement For Joystick Lever
Rear Three-Point Hitch
Adjustment Of The Top Link
Adjustment Of The Lift Link On The Lower Link
Mounting Implement
Front Three-Point Hitch
Controlling Front Three-Point Hitch
Hydraulic Lock Of The Front Three-Point Hitch
Working And Transport Position Of The Front Three-Point Hitch
Driving With Agricultural Machines Attached To The Front Three-Point Hitch
Towing Equipment
Maximum Permissible Load Of The Hitch
Lower Hitch
Connection And Disconnection Of Implements
Multistage Adjustable Suspension
Disassembly Of The Rear PTO Cover
Lower Hitch Disassembly
Height Adjustment And Disassembly Of The Multi-Level Hitch Attachment Tail Piece
Starting The Engine
Stopping The Engine
Warming Up
Warming Up In Cold Weather
Running-In Period
Sharp Change Of Direction In The Field
Normal Service Braking And Parking
Driving Downhill
Operation Of The Diff Lock
Check During Driving
Oil Pressure Light
Battery Charging
Fuel Gauge
Engine Cooling Water
Trailer Socket (Seven Terminal Electrical Socket Type)
Changing The Front Wheel Tread
Changing The Rear Wheel Tread
Front Drive Axle Fenders
Setting Wheel Stops With Front Drive Axle
Front Loader Mounting Points
Check And Service
Service Inspections
Pre-Start Checks
Engine Coolant
Engine Oil
Transmission Oil
Tyre Pressure
Tire Size And Inflation Pressure
Tire Inflation
Electrical Installation
Installation Of The Front Loader
Maintenance And Adjustment Schedule
Periodical Check And Service Table
Diagram Of Filling Points And Lubrication Points
Fuels, Coolants And Lubricants Used – Amounts
Recommended SAE Viscosity Grades For Engine Oil
Zetor Service Fillings
Motor Oils
Oil In The Gearbox And Final Drivehousing
Oil For The Front Driving Axle
Other Recommended Service Fillings Tested On Zetor Tractors
Oil To Gear Systems Of Tractors
Procedure To Open The Front Hood
Front Bonnet Opening
Opening The Side Cover
Fuel System
Bleeding The Fuel System
Changing Oil In Tractor
Changing Engine Oil
Draining Oil From Engine
Engine Oil Filter
Pouring Oil To Engine
Changing The Transmission Oil
Changing Front Axle Oil
Cleaning And Replacing Filters
Engine Oil Filter
Fuel Filter
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Changing Coolant
Anti Freeze
Cleaning The Radiator
Greasing The Tractor
Setting The Play Of Controls
Adjusting The Brake
Adjusting Method
Adjusting The Throttle Lever
Adjusting Toe-In
Checking The Battery
Battery Maintenance
Battery Charging
Battery Disconnect
Battery Disconnector
Fan Belt Adjustment
Alternator Inspect
Alternator And Fan Belts Inspect/Adjust/Replace
Air Conditioner Compressor Belt Adjustment
Air Filter Maintenance
Checking Hoses And Lines
Checking The Wiring Harness And Fuses
Replacing Fuses
Main Fuses
For Daily Or Short Term Storage
Long-Term Storage
Re-Use After Long Term Storage
Fuel Saving Tips
Air Cleaning System
Fuel System
Oil System
Cooling System
How to Use Of Jacks
Instruments And Related Parts
Rear Window
Side Window
Work Lights (Front And Rear)
Rearview Mirrors
Cab Ceiling
How To Controls Cabin
Interior Devices
Re-Circulation Inlets Fully Closed
Control Panel On Right Cab Pillar
Windscreen Washer Tank
Interior Lamp
Blower Control Switch
Temperature Control
Air Conditioner Switch
Circulation Diffuser
Heating System
Heating System Configuration
Compressor Belt Adjustment
Air Conditioning System
Roof Hatch (If Equipped)
Cab Air Intake Filter
Radio, Cd Player (If Equipped)
Ash Tray
Cigarette Lighter
Maximum Permissible Weight Of The Unit (Tractor With Trailer Or Semi-Trailer)
Maximum Permissible Tractor Axle Load
Permitted Maximum Weight Of Set ‘tractor + Mounted Machine’ (Kg)
Manoeuvrability Condition
Permissible Wheel Combination For Tractors And Load Capacity Of Tires
Traveling Speed
Noise Levels
Vibration Referred To The Operator Position
Engine Troubleshooting
Brake And Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
Steering Wheel And Electric Instruments Troubleshooting
UTILIX HT 45/ UTILIX HT 55 Electric system diagram (1)
UTILIX HT 45/ UTILIX HT 55 Electric system diagram (2)
UTILIX HT45/ UTILIX HT 55 Cabin wiring diagram (1)
UTILIX HT 45 / UTILIX HT 55 Cabin wiring diagram (2)
UTILIX HT 45 / UTILIX HT 55 Cabin wiring diagram (3)

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